Buying a House in Ireland: A Step by Step Guide by a Builder/Solicitor-the Book

Buying a house in ireland-the book

Thinking about buying or selling a residential property?

This step by step guide by a builder and property developer turned solicitor will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure a sound investment

I bought my first property in 1986-a mixed commercial/residential in Dublin.

Since then I have bought many more-in and outside Dublin, and I have learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way.

I have also been involved in property development, investment, and direct construction.

That’s why I believe I am the  only solicitor in Ireland with a teleporter licence. (A teleporter is like a fork lift, except used on building sites for lifting blocks, bricks, tiles, slates, buckets of mortar, ground levelling, etc.

This book contains the lessons I have learned as an investor, builder, and developer, and combines it with my professional training and experience as a conveyancing solicitor.

You will learn:

  1. Getting started-finding the right property and how to avoid a bad one
  2. Where to find your property, and the problem with repossessed properties
  3. What to be wary of at auction
  4. How to deal with the auctioneer and negotiate the best price
  5. The problem with buying with a friend Rent or buy?
  6. How to use the internet for research and where to find the actual purchase prices of property in Ireland Mortgages, and the new Central Bank regulations in relation to deposits
  7. The types of mortgage and the difference between a mortgage and charge
  8. Self build houses and stage payment mortgages-how they work in practice
  9. The fees to expect in buying your house
  10. What you need to know about planning issues and your new home
  11. The critical importance of a structural survey, and why it may save you a fortune
  12. The problem with pyrite-and how to easily avoid it
  13. What your surveyor needs to look out for
  14. Critical questions about planning permission, building regulations, and compliance certificates
  15. What is conveyancing and what are the stages in a conveyance?
  16. The 2 types of registration of property ownership in Ireland
  17. The significance of a “family home” and what is a family home?
  18. The different types of ownership and why you need to be crystal clear about the difference
  19. The practical effect of “caveat emptor” when buying a house in Ireland
  20. Why buying an apartment is different from buying a house
  21. Why buying a new property is different from second hand property
  22. The most important thing that you as a buyer must do before signing the contract
  23. What the vendor’s solicitor does
  24. What the purchaser’s solicitor does
  25. The most important thing a purchaser should do before agreeing to buy
  26. Can a solicitor act for both parties?
  27. A comprehensive checklist for vendors
  28. A comprehensive checklist for purchasers
  29. What is marketable title and why it is so important
  30. What is the certificate of title system and why it is important for your protection
  31. Bonus chapter: selling your house, how to generate kerb appeal, and get the best price for your house.

You can buy the book an in paperback or Kindle version.

Kindle version: