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  • Warranties and Indemnities-what you need to know

    You will encounter warranties and indemnities in the vast majority of contracts you will be involved in, including for the purchase of your first home or car. The main objective of warranties and indemnities is to allocate rise between the parties, usually a vendor and purchaser. The vendor/seller will look to restrict the scope of […]

  • What Is an Indemnity? The Essentials of Indemnities

    An indemnity is a contractual term which promises to reimburse another party in respect of a loss or damage. The only party indemnified is the one that is identified as the beneficiary of the indemnity. If the benefit of that indemnity is to be transferred to another party it must be done formally-for example with […]

  • Contract Law in Ireland-the Essentials

    We all come into frequent contact with contracts in our daily lives. Public transport, shopping, visiting your solicitor/doctor/physiotherapist, buying a second hand car, buying a sliced pan in Tesco or Supervalu-the instances of contract law being relevant in your day to day living are infinite. Let’s take an overview of contract law in Ireland, shall […]