Category: Criminal Law

  • Perjury placed on a statutory footing in Irish law

    Perjury is now a criminal offence. The Criminal Justice (Perjury and Related Offences) Act 2021 came into law last week (28th July 2021). This act has come about partly as a consequence of the concerns about dubious personal injury claims being commenced and the criticism surrounding the so called “compensation culture”. Criminal liability can now […]

  • Harassment, hassling and harmful communications-what are the crimes and legislation in Ireland?

    There has been quite a lot of deserved focus lately on the use of social media in the hassling, bullying, harassing of others. A campaign was launched in the last few weeks by the victims of stalking to have it made a specific offence. It is unlikely to succeed as it is thought to be […]

  • Not Guilty Does Not Mean Innocent in Criminal Law

    The finding of “not guilty” in an Egyptian Court, and release from custody from an Egyptian prison of Ibrahim Halawa, has led many people, including Minister Simon Coveney, to describe him as “innocent of the charges”. During the summer Paul Murphy TD, and the Jobstown water protesters who were accused and charged with false imprisonment […]

  • Court Fines in Irish Law-What You Should Know

    Are you facing a Court fine? Has a fine been imposed already? Many offences on the statute books carry a fine and/or prison as the penalty on conviction. For example, take the offence of careless driving. The offence is now set out in the Road Traffic (No. 2) Act, 2011: Careless driving. 52.— (1) A […]

  • Drink Driving Law in Ireland in 2017-the Essentials

    The Road Traffic Act, 2010 and Road Traffic (No. 2 ) Act 2011 have brought about a comprehensive consolidation and updating of drink driving law in Ireland. (The Road Traffic Act, 2014 made some further amendments). From a legal perspective the prosecution of drink driving offences can be quite a technical area, and you are […]