Category: Road Traffic Offences

  • Court Fines in Irish Law-What You Should Know

    Are you facing a Court fine? Has a fine been imposed already? Many offences on the statute books carry a fine and/or prison as the penalty on conviction. For example, take the offence of careless driving. The offence is now set out in the Road Traffic (No. 2) Act, 2011: Careless driving. 52.— (1) A […]

  • Drink Driving Law in Ireland in 2017-the Essentials

    The Road Traffic Act, 2010 and Road Traffic (No. 2 ) Act 2011 have brought about a comprehensive consolidation and updating of drink driving law in Ireland. (The Road Traffic Act, 2014 made some further amendments). From a legal perspective the prosecution of drink driving offences can be quite a technical area, and you are […]

  • Driving a Dangerously Defective Vehicle and Driving While Unfit

    The offence of driving a dangerously defective vehicle is provided by section 54(2) of the Road Traffic Act, 1961 (as amended by the Road Traffic Act, 1968. It provides (2) Where a mechanically propelled vehicle is driven in a public place while there is a defect affecting the vehicle which the owner thereof knows of or […]

  • Restoration of Driving Licence in Ireland

    If you are seeking the restoration of your driving licence in Ireland, and wish to do so before the period of disqualification has been served, you will need to have been disqualified for more than two years. PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER AT THE END OF THIS PAGE The rules re getting your licence back have changed […]

  • Penalty Points Ireland-All the Penalty Point Motoring Offences

    If you want to do a penalty points check in Ireland you will find a useful chart below which sets out the penalty points in Ireland for various offences at April, 2016. Penalty points can be imposed on your driving licence record for an increasing number of road traffic offences ranging from speeding to careless […]