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  • Proper provision in divorce in Ireland-how does a Court decide?

    When a court is going to grant a divorce in Ireland a key factor which the judge must consider is whether “proper provision” is being made for the spouses and any dependent children. This obligation is set out in the Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996 at section 20(1): 20.—(1) In deciding whether to make an […]

  • Getting a Divorce in Ireland-Step by Step

    If your marriage has broken down irretrievably then divorce is one of the options that may be open to you. Firstly, you need to have been living separate and apart from your spouse for two of the last three years. Then, you should consider trying mediation and getting legal advice.  If you still decide that […]

  • Domestic Violence Orders in Ireland-what protection orders are available?

    The law concerning domestic violence was updated on 1st January 2019 when the Domestic Violence Act 2018 came into force. What remedies are there for victims of domestic abuse? Let’s take a look. Safety order Firstly, section 6 of the Domestic Violence Act 2018 provides for a safety order. 6. (1) (a) In this section— […]

  • How much does a divorce cost in Ireland?

    “How much does a divorce cost” is a question I am frequently asked. The key determinant of the cost of a divorce will be the parties themselves. If they can deal with the matter in a mature fashion and agree terms, with the help of mediation or their solicitors, it will cost considerably less in […]

  • Pensions on separation and divorce-the essentials

    The benefits payable arising from a pension scheme can only be paid in accordance with the terms of the scheme. This means that an individual member cannot change the terms or pay-outs under the scheme, even if the trustees agreed (which will not be the case). Therefore, a deed of separation between separating spouses that […]