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  • The Norwich Pharmacal Order-an Important Weapon Against Online Trolls

    Have you ever been abused online? Repeatedly abuses by an online troll? At some point you may have to consider getting a Norwich Pharmacal Order. A Norwich Pharmacal order is an equitable relief that a Court can grant to force the respondent-for example a social media website platform-to disclose certain information to the applicant. It […]

  • The High Court Affidavit of Verification In Personal Injury and Defamation Actions

    An affidavit of verification is required in the High Court to verify assertions or facts alleged in personal injury actions and defamation proceedings. It is to verify a pleading or replies to a request for further information and is required pursuant to section 14 of the Civil Liability and Courts Act, 2004 in personal injury […]

  • Defamation Law in Ireland-the Facts You Should Know

    In 2010 Donal Kinsella, a businessman, was awarded €10 m in the High Court in a defamation action against his employer. Kenmare Resources. We all have a constitutional right to our good name, and protection against defamatory statements being published about us. The principal piece of legislation in Ireland dealing with defamation is the Defamation […]