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  • Entering into a commercial lease? Don’t make this stupid mistake

    I have been taken aback by the level of naivety I have recently encountered regarding commercial leases. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, solo business owners. All these individuals I would expect to approach any commercial transaction with a good degree of caution. And scepticism. With a healthy reluctance to accept promises and statements made as part […]

  • Using DCF (discounted cash flow) method to value shares and companies

    Warren Buffet believes the only way to value companies and their shares is by the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) method. At its simplest he argues that the calculation of how much cash a share is going to return back to you over time is the way you should use to decide whether a share is […]

  • Agreement for Lease Versus the Lease Itself-What’s the Difference or Purpose?

    Are you considering taking a commercial lease and you are being asked to sign an “agreement for lease” first? Wondering what’s the difference? Or what is the significance, if any? Let’s take a look. Lease A lease sets out the terms and conditions under which a lessee will occupy a premises on an exclusive basis. […]

  • Why Reviewing a Commercial Lease Alone is Of Limited Value

    I am often asked by budding entrepreneurs to review the lease of a commercial premises which is part of a small business they are considering purchasing. The entrepreneur, understandably, is trying to avoid as much avoidable expenditure as possible and wants the lease reviewed for a competitive fee. I can do that, of course, without […]

  • A Licence to Use Photographs

    Are you a photographer? Do you need a licence to use your photographs? I can supply you with a licence agreement to use your photographs. The licence contains the following sections: Background Parties Definitions Duration of the licence agreement The grant of the licence-for example, is it exclusive, non-exclusive, transferable, use etc. The licensee’s obligations […]