Category: Taxation

  • Revenue Commissioners penalised for throwing the kitchen sink at High Court case

    Throwing the kitchen sink at a case and putting forward every conceivable argument that crosses your mind can backfire badly when it comes to the issue of costs. The Revenue Commissioners obtained a favourable decision in the case of Byrne v Revenue Commissioners in the High Court. However, they were penalised when it came to […]

  • Share investing and taxation-the essentials

    If you are a share investor there is two types of tax you need to be concerned about: Capital gains tax Dividend withholding tax Capital gains tax on shares Capital gains arise on the sale of an asset for a profit and the tax is calculated on the gain. The chargeable gain is, in broad […]

  • Stamp Duty | Stamp Duty Rates In Ireland

    Stamp duty is a tax on documents and most peoples experience with stamp duty will be in relation to property purchase which gives rise to the notion that stamp duty is applied to property. But it is actually a tax on the instrument which witnesses the property transaction and you will also see stamp duty […]

  • Capital Gains Tax On Property In Ireland

    Capital gains tax is a tax on the gains that arise on the disposal of an asset. This post will look at CGT on real property only (not shares). The charge to capital gains tax will arise when a number of conditions are fulfilled, namely,1. there must be a chargeable gain which2. accrues on the […]