Category: Wills and Probate

  • Vaccination of Wards of Court-the legal position

    The President of the High Court has issued a guidance note regarding the issue of vaccination of wards of court and intended wards of court. Remember: a ward of court may lack decision making capacity. Firstly, vaccination of all wards of court against covid-19 should be carried out using the same procedure used for the […]

  • Trust law in Ireland-important changes arising from the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009

    The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 (‘the Act’) made significant changes to trust law in Ireland. This act replaces the Settled Land Acts 1882-1890. Section 18 of the Act provides that a trust of land arises in certain circumstances such as where land is   Limited by way of succession (a strict settlement) Held […]

  • The Benefits of Bare Trusts In Providing for Children

    A bare trust, also known as a simple trust, is a tax efficient way to provide a nest egg for a minor. And can provide an excellent way to make provision for the cost of 3rd level education when the child turns 18. What is a bare trust? When the ownership of an asset is […]

  • Powers of Attorney-What You Should Know

    Have you an elderly parent or loved one? Perhaps you yourself have thought about creating an enduring power of attorney to make provision for a day when you become incapacitated. If so, the need for a power of attorney may arise at some stage. A power of attorney is a legal document which allows a […]

  • 50 Things You Should Know About Making a Will in Ireland

    Set out below are 50 things you may or may not know about making a will. Quite frankly, the important thing to know is that it is a good idea to make a will for these two critical reasons: 1. YOU will decide who gets what2. YOU will decide who administers your estate Here are […]