Is there a legal issue that is bothering you? Something that you need some clarity about?

The legal system in Ireland, or anywhere, can be confusing. Especially for someone who has never come into contact with it before now.

When you have a consultation with me my goal is to give you clarity about your legal problem. The purpose is to ascertain whether you have a legal claim or course of action open to you, and what the options are, if any.

If you don’t I will let you know. I won’t soft soap you or lead you up the garden path.

And if you don’t agree with me you can always get a second opinion. But I will call it as honestly as I can.

We recognise that it is not possible for everyone to visit our office in Enfield so consultations can also be carried out by phone, email, or Skype.

If you want to go ahead and arrange a consultation you will need to send a brief synopsis of the issue by email in advance. This facilitates the most valuable consultation for you and allows us to give you the best advice possible as it will allow us to carry out any necessary research in advance.

If you want to arrange a consultation please send an email in the first instance. Email details: contact details on this page.

Please note that appointing a time and booking in advance is necessary.


Terry Gorry B.Comm