Employment Law Ireland

Employment law in Ireland affords significant rights to employees in the workplace.

Consequently there is significant risk for employers in failing to recognise the employment rights of employees.

Quite frankly, the risks include expensive awards agains employers  for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, etc.

But many of those employment rights are under significant pressure and threat because of the difficult economic climate that employers find themselves in.

And employers can succumb to the temptation of cutting corners in an attempt to keep businesses trading.

This is a mistake.

Many employees are being put on short time/lay off, others find that their employers are seeking to amend their contract of employment by reducing wages and increasing the number of hours worked.

And some companies in receivership or liquidation are simply leaving their employees in the dark as to the employee’s rights in such situations.

Irish employment law can be found in a huge range and body of legislation and can be difficult to understand.

For example, the Organization of Working Time act of 1997 sets out many of your leave entitlements and rest period rights, the Payment of Wages Act 1991 covers how you are to be paid and your entitlements about deductions etc.

The Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994 sets out the basic information that an employee is entitled to be given in writing about their contract of employment.

An the Unfair Dismissals act of 1993 covers what is considered to be an unfair dismissal, fair procedure and constructive dismissal and there is extensive legislation in place to enforce safety in the workplace and many other pieces of legislation brought about by EU regulations and directives.

Employment rights and obligations in Ireland will also be determined by the contract of employment which cannot be amended significantly without the employee’s consent.

Quite frankly, employment law in Ireland is a potentially costly source of needless costs and claims for employers if it is not dealt with carefully in the workplace.

And a source of hurt and frustration for employees whose employment rights have been transgressed or ignored.


Employment Law Articles

Even though an employee can make his/her own claim to the Employment Appeals tribunal or to a Rights Commissioner you would be well advised to contact a solicitor to do so on your behalf to ensure that your employment rights are upheld successfully.

Similarly an employer can be exposed to expensive and unnecessary employment related claims due to oversight or a failure to understand the many obligations placed on employers by the various pieces of legislation, statutory instruments, codes of practice, and so on.

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