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1. Free Report: “Buying or Selling a Residential Property in Ireland-The Facts You Should Know”

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • The most important thing a purchaser should do before agreeing to buy
  • What is conveyancing?
  • Why buying a new property is different from buying second hand
  • The 2 systems of registration of ownership in Ireland
  • The 5 stages in a conveyance
  • What the vendor’s solicitor does
  • What the purchaser’s solicitor does
  • Why buying an apartment is different from buying a house
  • Can a solicitor act for both parties?
  • A comprehensive checklist for vendors
  • A comprehensive checklist for purchasers
  • What is marketable title and why it is so important
  • What is the certificate of title system and why it is important for your protection
  • What are the differences between mortgages and charges?
  • What are the 2 main types of mortgage?
  • Why buying an apartment is different from purchasing a house
  • What is stamp duty and what are the rates on residential and commercial property
  • What legal fees and outlays arise in buying a property
  • And more.

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“Buying or Selling a Residential Property in Ireland”

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2. Free: “16 Costly Employment Law Mistakes that Cost Most Businesses Money”

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3. “9 Common Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, And SMEs In Ireland”

4. Employers: get your free copy of “9 Simple Money Saving Tips for Irish Employers”

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Get your free copy of “9 Common Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, And SMEs In Ireland” and my regular tips via email. Sign up below.

5. 6 Reasons to make a will

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