Help Wanted-Part Time Position


I am looking for a flexible person for a part time position in my solicitor’s practice in Enfield.

Initially, the secretarial/administrative role will involve 20 hours per week. (This will probably increase over time, but for the moment a 20 hour contract is on offer).

The ideal candidate will be

  • Flexible
  • Enthusiastic
  • A good organiser
  • Willing to learn
  • Willing to show initiative
  • Thorough

Some experience of Irish law and/or legal experience is an advantage, but not essential.

Experience in employment law/HR would also be good, but not essential.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word) is a requirement.

This is important: Please apply by email or post only.

(If you cannot follow this simple requirement this job, and me, are not for you).

Please send your details to with a note saying why I should pick you.