Penalty Points Ireland-All the Penalty Point Motoring Offences

penalty points ireland

If you want to do a penalty points check in Ireland you will find a useful chart below which sets out the penalty points in Ireland for various offences at April, 2016.

Penalty points can be imposed on your driving licence record for an increasing number of road traffic offences ranging from speeding to careless driving to holding a mobile phone.

Some of the offences lead to a mandatory court appearance and will lead to a court fine rather than a fixed penalty which is the sanction for most, but not all, road traffic offences.

Remember that 12 penalty points leads to automatic disqualification for a period of 6 months and that penalty points have a 3 year life span. Penalty points run from 28 days after the issuing of the fixed penalty notice.

Any penalty points that you have accumulated will be recorded not on your driving licence but on a central database maintained by the Gardai in their Pulse computer system and by the Road Safety Authority.

To ascertain how many points you have you can call them on 1890 41 61 41 and give them your name and licence number. It is possible also that you have accumulated penalty points as a result of being convicted in your absence in Court which may occur if you have moved house and not received the fixed penalty notice or the summons to Court.

Penalty Points April, 2016

Penalty Points Chart-Kindly note that this chart is published thanks to the Road Safety Authority.

Update 2017

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