Property Law in Ireland-the Facts You Should Know

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Property law in Ireland can seem complex and intimidating to the ordinary person.

Yes, I know-it’s stressful.

I have bought and sold many properties, both residential and commercial, since 1986.

I understand one of the biggest issues for people is knowing what’s going on, at each stage of the process.

That’s why I have created this page, and the other articles below, and why I’ve created the free report you can have sent directly to your inbox.

As well as being a solicitor, I have been a property developer/builder and investor.

So what I have learned over the last 30 years should be of benefit to you. I hope so, anyway.

Below you will find articles dealing with all aspects of property law in Ireland.

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Residential Property

Commercial Property

You will see from the above selection of articles that property law in Ireland covers a massive range of circumstances.

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