Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to answer questions, or offer advice, or offer my opinion, or have telephone discussions for free.

Because I get a huge number of emails and calls and it would simply be too time consuming to answer them all.

If I did I would get very little done for my own clients. And, as you will understand, my clients take priority.

Also, many of the questions I receive are quite complex and require me to obtain further information from you.

I would almost certainly need to review relevant documentation-such as your contract of employment if the issue was employment related, for example-and any other relevant correspondence and documents, to give you a professional, accurate answer.

This takes time, and research, in many cases.

So, I charge a consultation fee for my time and expertise. (How much will depend on the complexity of the issue, and the time required to give you a sound answer.)

If you want to avail of this there are a number of ways I can advise:

  • in person-you can come in for a consultation, or
  • by email-send me all the details of your issue by email, or
  • telephone-a telephone consultation
  • Skype.

I can then advise properly and provide clarity and peace of mind.

You can also pay online by bank transfer-I will send you on the details by email if you want to go ahead.

If this service isn’t for you, that’s fine.

You are still free to continue accessing the free information on any of my websites-

or contact a Citizen’s Advice centre.

You can also visit my other websites above which have lots of free information.


Terry Gorry B.Comm