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  • Commercial Leases and the COVID-19/Coronavirus-the Fallout for Small Business Owners

    I was contacted last week by a couple of clients whose business has gone through the floor or evaporated entirely as a consequence of COVID-19. One of the first concerns they had was the difficulty they were inevitably going to encounter in trying to continue to pay the rent on their commercial premises. Here are […]

  • Why Reviewing a Commercial Lease Alone is Of Limited Value

    I am often asked by budding entrepreneurs to review the lease of a commercial premises which is part of a small business they are considering purchasing. The entrepreneur, understandably, is trying to avoid as much avoidable expenditure as possible and wants the lease reviewed for a competitive fee. I can do that, of course, without […]

  • Assignment and Sub-Letting of Commercial Premises

      Do you hold a lease on a commercial premises? Do you want to sub-let it? Or assign (transfer) it to someone else? You may run into difficulties with your landlord, though. Let’s take a look at the issues. Most leases will have a restriction on alienation-assignment or sub-letting- contained in the lease. This is […]

  • Rent Reviews in Commercial Leases-What You Ought to Know

    Do you occupy a retail, industrial, or office premises? If you do you will probably have you a commercial lease? If you have, it will almost certainly provide for a rent review. And you could be in for a very nasty shock. Let me explain. Over the last few years, since the property crash at […]

  • Termination of Commercial Leases and the Right to a New Lease-the Essentials

    Are you a landlord or tenant of a commercial lease? Do you want to terminate a commercial letting agreement? Or perhaps you want to lawfully lay claim to a new lease? This piece aims to give you a good handle on what’s involved. Termination of a Commercial Letting Agreement The most common ways to terminate […]