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  • Court of Appeal rejects execution of judgment application as being out of time

    The Court of Appeal issued an important and interesting judgment on 12th December 2022 dealing with the issue of execution of a judgment obtained against debtors. Background The background to the case in Ulster Bank Ireland Limited and Promontoria (Oyster) DAC and Timothy Quirke and Joan Quirke was that the Quirkes had borrowed money from […]

  • High Court Default Applications-Procedural Changes from November 2021

    Certain rules of the Superior Courts-in particular the rules concerning judgment in default in the High Court-are to change from 13th November 2021. The principal changes brought about are that judgment be entered in a motion for judgment in default of defence or default of statement of claim except where justice requires an extension of […]

  • Legal Proceedings in the High Court Made Simple-a Step by Step Guide

    Are you thinking about commencing High Court legal proceedings? Or perhaps you have been threatened with a High Court legal action against you? Do you want an idea of what’s involved, the various steps? Let’s take a look. The procedural rules for legal proceedings in the High Court are contained in the Rules of the […]

  • The Zen of Legal Proceedings in the Circuit Court

    Circuit court legal proceedings normally commence by way of a Civil Bill, which must be issued out of the Circuit Court office and served on the other party(ies). The jurisdiction of the Circuit Court is for actions worth between €15,000 and €60,000. There are many types of Civil Bill including Ordinary Civil Bill Equity Civil […]

  • Debt Claims in the District Court-How to Obtain Judgment in Default

    Do you need to pursue a debt in the District Court? Are you being pursued for a debt? Confused about what’s involved in obtaining a judgment where the debtor just ignores the Claim Notice and does not enter an Appearance or Defence? Let’s take a look at what happens then. If a respondent who has […]