Category: Intellectual Property

  • Copyright Law in Ireland-The Essentials

    Copyright is the legal term, which describes the rights given to authors/creators of certain categories of work. Copyright protection extends to the following works: 1.original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works sound recordings, films,broadcasts, cable programmes 2.the typographical arrangement of published editions,computer programmes, 3.original databases. The owner of copyright is the author and within the […]

  • The Law Surrounding Domain Names-What You Ought to Know

    Domain name disputes are becoming an increasing problem for business with the proliferation of website, eCommerce and new businesses going online and trading on the internet. And infringements occur regularly in the shape of trade mark disputes, cybersquatting and related issues. It is crucial for any business to have a smart commercial strategy regarding their […]

  • Passing Off,Counterfeit Goods, and Confidential Information-Are You a Victim of These Economic Torts?

    Passing off, counterfeit goods, and distributing confidential information can all cost the small business owner significant amounts of money. These are economic torts (civil wrongs). But what exactly is involved and what can be done if you are a victim? Passing off generally involves the making of a misrepresentation and the meaning or definition of […]

  • Trade Marks Law in Ireland-Some Facts You Should Know

    Trade marks-what are they? Are they worth protecting? Fighting over? How do you register a trade mark? What are the benefits of trade mark registration. Let’s take a look.. A trade mark is the means by which a business identifies its goods or services and distinguishes them from the goods and services supplied by other […]