Category: Business and Company Law

  • Warranties and Indemnities-what you need to know

    You will encounter warranties and indemnities in the vast majority of contracts you will be involved in, including for the purchase of your first home or car. The main objective of warranties and indemnities is to allocate rise between the parties, usually a vendor and purchaser. The vendor/seller will look to restrict the scope of […]

  • High Court refuses to wind up company in difficulty from Covid-19 restrictions

    The High Court has refused to order the winding up of a company where the company was unable to pay its debts due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The case is In the Matter of Lestown Property Limited and In the Matter of the Companies Act 2014. Background The tenant had not paid rent on […]

  • Entering into a commercial lease? Don’t make this stupid mistake

    I have been taken aback by the level of naivety I have recently encountered regarding commercial leases. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, solo business owners. All these individuals I would expect to approach any commercial transaction with a good degree of caution. And scepticism. With a healthy reluctance to accept promises and statements made as part […]

  • Expert witness and extrinsic evidence-publicans v FBD case clarifies important legal issues

    Apart from the substantive issue in the publicans’ case against FBD in the case involving the Leopardstown Inn, Sinnotts, Lemon and Duke, Sean’s bar, there are some other valuable lessons to be gleaned from the High Court consideration of the case. Contract law rule concerning extrinsic evidence There is a contract law rule concerning extrinsic […]

  • Registering for vat in Ireland for start up businesses-the essentials

    Starting a business? You may have to register for vat if you are an accountable person. An accountable person is a taxable person and includes sole traders, partnerships, and companies. Obligation to register You are only obliged to register for vat if your turnover exceeds certain thresholds which are as follows: €37,500 for persons supplying […]