Buying a house in Ireland: a step by step guide by a builder/solicitor

Are you thinking about buying a residential property in Ireland? “Buying a House in Ireland: a step by step guide by a Builder/Solicitor” can help you make a sound purchase.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Why the author is the only solicitor in Ireland with a teleporter licence, and how you benefit.
  • Getting started-finding the right property and how to avoid a bad one
  • Where to find your property, and the problem with repossessed properties
  • What to be wary of at auction
  • How to deal with the auctioneer and negotiate the best price
  • The problem with buying with a friend
  • Rent or buy?
  • How to use the internet for research and where to find the actual purchase prices of property in Ireland
  • Mortgages, and the new Central Bank regulations in relation to deposits
  • The types of mortgage and the difference between a mortgage and charge
  • Self build houses and stage payment mortgages-how they work in practice
  • The fees to expect in buying your house
  • What you need to know about planning issues and your new home
  • The critical importance of a structural survey, and why it may save you a fortune
  • The problem with pyrite-and how to easily avoid it
  • What your surveyor needs to look out for
  • Critical questions about planning permission, building regulations, and compliance certificates
  • What is conveyancing and what are the stages in a conveyance?
  • The 2 types of registration of property ownership in Ireland
  • The significance of a “family home” and what is a family home?
  • The different types of ownership and why you need to be crystal clear about the difference
  • The practical effect of “caveat emptor” when buying a house in Ireland
  • Why buying an apartment is different from buying a house
  • Why buying a new property is different from second hand property
  • The most important thing that you as a buyer must do before signing the contract
  • What the vendor’s solicitor does
  • What the purchaser’s solicitor does
  • The most important thing a purchaser should do before agreeing to buy
  • Can a solicitor act for both parties?
  • A comprehensive checklist for vendors
  • A comprehensive checklist for purchasers
  • What is marketable title and why it is so important
  • What is the certificate of title system and why it is important for your protection
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UPDATED August 2020

to include

  • Help to Buy relief,
  • statements made outside the contract,
  • deed of confirmation for gifts,
  • how to negotiate successfully,
  • buying in Ireland from abroad,
  • buying for cash,
  • what happens on closing day.

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Bonus chapter: selling your house, how to generate kerb appeal, and get the best price for your house

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