Category: Transnational Litigation

  • Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments between EU States

    The recognition and enforcement of judgments between EU member states is dealt with under the Brussels I regulation, specifically articles 30 to 56. In fact article 33 states that  a judgment obtained in one EU member state will be recognised in other member states as a matter of course. However this recognition will not be […]

  • Enforcement of Judgments and Service of Documents between EU Countries

    Enforcement of judgements obtained in one EU country in another EU country is governed by the Brussels I regulation which superseded the Brussels Convention and the Lugano Convention. Lugano convention The Lugano Convention covers issues of jurisdiction where one of the countries is an EFTA (European Free Trade Association) country of which there are 3-Iceland, […]

  • Service of Foreign Process in Ireland for Non EU Countries

    The service of foreign process in Ireland for documents originating in non-EU countries must be carried out under the procedure laid down in the Hague Convention of 1965 which dealt with the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents in Civil or Criminal matters abroad. Many law firms, banks and others find it more cost effective […]

  • Transnational Litigation and the Brussels I Regulation-a Minimalist Guide

    The Brussels I regulation is directly applicable in all member states (with the exception of Denmark) and deals with jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments in both civil and commercial proceedings.   The aim of the regulation is to allow legal proceedings be taken and prosecuted in a uniform fashion where the parties to a dispute […]