Category: Consumer Rights

  • Defamatory or Illegal Content on Social Media Sites Can Be Removed Worldwide-ECJ Decision in Facebook Ireland Case

    Do you think the social media sites do enough when it comes to the offensive material that is published on their platforms? Do Facebook and Twitter, for example, act swiftly (or at all) to remove the hate speech and racist stuff that is on full view courtesy of various keyboard warriors hiding behind fake names […]

  • Discrimination in the Provision of Goods and Services in Ireland-the Essentials

    Not a lot of people know this.. Most people think the WRC (Workplace Relations Commission) only deals with employment and/or industrial relations issues. That’s not the case, at all. The Workplace Relations Commission also deals with complaints about discrimination in the provision of goods and services, accommodation, and access to education under the Equal Status […]

  • How to Change a Name by Deed Poll

    If you want to change a name by deed poll, the Judgments Section of the Central Office of the High Court will be your first port of call. The Judgments Section/Deed Poll section will give you precedent wordings that you can use and adapt to your own particular circumstances and which will be used in […]

  • How to Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalisation

    You acquire Irish citizenship through birth, descent or naturalisation. This piece will look at how to become an Irish citizen through naturalisation which is how a foreign national living in Ireland can become an Irish citizen. All application for Irish citizenship must be approved by the Minister for Justice and Equality. Are you Eligible for […]

  • Consumer Rights And Product Liability-What Rights Have Consumers for Defective Products?

      Consumer rights and product liability in relation to defective products are governed by a combination of protections such as common law which protects against tort or civil wrongs such as negligence. The law of contract will also provide relief to the consumer in relation to defective products; legislation such as Liability for Defective Products […]